MEG FAGAN, Producer

NYC Concert Series - Season 10!

Kyo-Shin-An Arts’ CMA/ASCAP 2016 and 2013 Adventurous Programming Award-winning series is ready for its 10th Season!

Presented in collaboration with the Tenri Cultural Institute, programs feature a carefully curated blend of KSA commissions and World premieres, American and NY premieres, traditional and contemporary music for Japanese instruments, and standard Western repertoire as selected by individual ensembles.

Join us - Sundays at 4PM at 43A West 13th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues in Manhattan. MAP

2018-19 Season - upcoming programs:

? September 30, 2018: “Tokyo Rumble”, Kenneth Woods, cello; James Nyoraku Schlefer, shakuhachi. Featuring cello/shakuhachi duos by Michio Mamiya, Sophie Pope, and James Nyoraku Schlefer (world premiere), a solo work each – Bach for cello and traditional for shakuhachi.

? October 28, 2018: “Crimson Leaves”, Neave Trio: Anna Williams, vln; Mikhail Veselov, vcl; and Eri Nakamura, pno; with James Nyoraku Schlefer, shakuhachi. This highly international program features works for shakuhachi and piano trio by the Iranian composer Amir Eslami and the Hong-Kong based Adrian Hon Chung Lam plus a piano trio by Astor Piazzolla.

? February 10, 2019: “Snowdrop Moment”, Tomoko Sugawara, Harp and Kugo (Japanese Harp) and James Nyoraku Schlefer. Contemporary and traditional duos for harp and shakuhachi by Robert Lombardo, Anne Boyd, Yao Heng-lu, Kikuko Matsumoto (world premiere) and others.

? March 10, 2019: "Spring Green", Hub New Music: Michael Avitabile, fl; David Dziardziel, cl; Zenas Hsu, vln; Jesse Christesen, vcl; and James Nyoraku Schefer, shakuhachi. This exciting, young quartet brings their own commissions with shakuhachi to KSA. Quintets by Chad Cannon, Takuma Itoh, Kojiro Umezaki plus quartets by Anna Clyne, Angelica Negron and Judd Greenstein.

? April 14, 2019: "Kammerraku Anniversary”, Cassatt String Quartet: Muneko Otani and Jennifer Leshnower, vlns; Ah Ling Neu, vla; Elizabeth Anderson, vcl; with Yoko Reikano Kimura, shamisen and voice; Sumie Kaneko, koto and voice; and James Nyoraku Schlefer, shakuhachi. The first of the 10th Anniversary septet concerts. World premieres by Schlefer and Daron Hagen, plus the Ravel quartet.

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